Monday, August 8, 2011

Learning through it all.

*Note: There will be pictures on this post as soon as technology wants to cooperate with me. :)*

Where to begin, where to begin... Not too much has happened in the past week, but it has been quite wonderful, nonetheless. Florida summer days come with heat and thunderstorms, tourists who bask in the sun and locals who complain about the weather, bad drivers and those who might be otherwise good drivers momentarily at the whim of a TomTom's faulty directions. At the hospital, I frequently have patients who came to Florida for vacation ("on 'Oliday" *british accent*) and one way or another wound up at the mercy of doctors and nurses like myself. My heart always breaks for them. This has reminded me that when I want to curse the skies or shake my fist at a slow-moving, indecisive lane-changer, I should instead enjoy what they came here for: sun, attractions, Florida, whateverness.

I don't know how to go about posting on what all has gone on in the past week, so I will stay in the here and now and post whatever pictures I took on my phone in the past week.

Today, Dan and I ran a bunch of errands, one of which included going to the post office to pick up some certified mail from our old complex. I was sure it was whatever they willed us back on our security deposit, so Dan and I took guesses at how much the check would read. I said something in the negative, Dan said $25. We got 29 bucks back. About what we deserved. Note to all movers out there: Boys spill paint on carpets and paint over light switch covers. Perhaps an extreme generalization, but go with it for safety and security deposit sake. $29. Just remember that. After that, we went and bought more produce than we'll be able to eat-- another plus of Florida summer.

We came home, dropped off the fruits and veggies and walked to the shopping center nearby. My phone has been a complete piece of junk for the past...forever... so we went to the Sprint store to try to see what we could do to remedy the situation. As we sat there waiting, another customer very loudly and tactlessly explained all his phone-related woes to the customer service representative. Nothing ever goes the customer's way when that sort of behavior is displayed, so that guy's scene was a friendly reminder to me to be kind to the rep, especially since I did have a request in mind that would require her cooperation. I really wanted a new phone, since mine has been replaced twice to no avail. When my name was called, we struck up a casual conversation, and I led into the situation at hand as gracefully as I could. I explained my woes to her, but after acknowledging through a friendly chat that she was a person deserving of respect. Lo and behold: She offered me a new phone of a different (better) brand, at no cost and without having to renew my contract. Lesson of the day: Although being nice can "pay out", as it did today, it doesn't hurt and it actually takes much less energy than being mean or snotty. Do you want to be the jerk customer being discussed at the water cooler... with the same old piece-of-junk phone you walked in with? Doubt it.

Today I got my new glasses in the mail, too, which was equally exciting. New phone and new glasses- good day.

Work has been going really, really well. I am working with a preceptor (like a mentor or a trainer) that I really, really like and who helps me whenever I need it and doesn't ever make me feel stupid (Pam, if you're reading this- I love you). I am enjoying my job as much as I had hoped to (at times, more, even), and I really enjoy the company and guidance of all the other nurses/techs/doctors/etc. who work on my floor. The patients offer me insight and laughs every day. I am constantly learning, and I feel like I am doing something I can eventually be pretty good at. Oh- I get paid, too. That's really nice. I have so much more to learn and I still make mistakes on a daily (hourly?) basis, but I am trying hard and I am dedicated to improving and learning through it all. So, in a nutshell, work is fantastic.

Mom and Dad are coming to town in two weeks. I am so excited to see them and have them in Orlando. I am trying to think of what fun things we can fit in to a week, and already have a short list of must-dos. Walk around Lake Eola after a tasty brunch, show them where I work, cook them a big anniversary dinner... the list goes on. I'm excited to show them the life I've made for myself- with their help. Being a grown-up is fun, and making my parents proud is even more fun. I go to Jacksonville this coming weekend to see my oldest best good friend, Mollie, before she leaves for a big new world in NYC, my sister and niece, and a whole slew of other favorite people. I am even getting a new haircut and some highlights. :)

I have so many moments of laughter and love awaiting. I am looking at the world so positively now, and I am feeling so proud of getting to this point. All of the studying, the "I can't, I'm broke", the waiting, the hoping, and the wondering have proven worthwhile, and have helped me to look forward to times of sacrifice to come. I am making a conscious effort to be aware and present, and learn through it all. I am appreciating this Florida rain for the Florida sun, the bad drivers for the good. I am feeling lucky just to experience life. Maybe being a nurse has done that to me. Whatever it is, I feel so grateful.

A song I've been digging for months and months. A real feel good tune.

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