Monday, May 30, 2011

Love is in the Air!

Hello, faithful and patient readers! I know I promised I would write on Friday, and I really and truly tried (via the Blogger App on my phone--from the rehearsal dinner), but for some reason the blog didn't come through, so I will update from Friday to today.

So, Friday afternoon I had the pleasure of attending a bridal luncheon hosted by some wonderful women from my cousin's home church. It was beautiful and sweet and light and colorful and full of love, just as a Kentucky bridal luncheon would be expected to be. We had chicken salad (and I ate it, even though it contained my arch nemesis, mayonnaise-- the sacrifices we make-- and it was good!), a summer salad of spinach, walnuts, strawberries, goat cheese, and a vinaigrette, mini apple muffins, and mimosas. All of this was topped off with what else (in Louisville, KY), derby pie from the original bakery where derby pie was invented. YUM! Kelley gave her bridesmaids some wonderful gift bags, the mother of the groom a beautiful frame, and her mother a ridiculously chic Kate Spade purse, which was well deserved.

After the luncheon, I helped my grandmother prepare her condo for the next day's brunch. I had a total AT&T "Wow isn't my smartphone handy!" moment. My grandmother has fine china and silver for these types of events, and I was assigned to assemble the place settings. Of course, I wanted to do it right and save face for my mother who would be mortified if I didn't know how to properly set a table, but I wasn't 100% positive of some fine details. So, I turned to Google Image: "Proper Place Setting". Mission Accomplished. Granmitty was none the wiser... I was sneaky. :) I would never want to disappoint her, either!

Later that evening, we attended the rehearsal dinner at the Theater Marketplace in downtown Louisville. It was absolutely incredible. What I love about these types of events is that they seem to brighten the spark between existing couples, and I like watching people be in love! I'm not sure if any new sparks were ignited, but the spark between Kelley and Nick was blindingly apparent. Nick is a really awesome, unassuming guy who I am really happy to have in our family now. The maid of honor gave a speech that made me cry (of course) and the best man exhumed some memories from his and Nick's younger days together that got a lot of laughs from everyone. It was the perfect mix. My dad asked me why I cry at weddings, graduations, public performances, etc., and all I could explain was that my reactions do not discern extreme happiness and other emotions, so I just cry. I am a happy crier more than a sad crier, and when people publicly profess their appreciation for others, or share their accomplishments or talents with others, I find that to be a highly emotional experience! So, I cry. I don't know what to do with my mouth when I'm happy crying, so I'm glad I never have to see what I look like. It wants to smile, but the muscles are focused on keeping the tears from streaming everywhere, so a smile is not quite possible, and I am positive I look as though I need some kind of physical rehabilitation. God bless my soul when a photographer is catching all of this at my own wedding. I digress.

Saturday morning, my grandmother hosted a fantastic "Wake-Up Brunch". It was darling. In true Texas fashion, she had more than enough amazing, cheesy, delicious food. Everyone gathered for one last relaxing moment before the madness begun! After the brunch, my Aunt Terri summoned me for my "day of" duties. She gave me some cash and a list of some quite obscure items which I was to procure from all corners of Louisville. They included:
  • Scented talcum powder with a puff
  • Foundation make-up foam wedges
  • 3 Size E crochet hooks
  • Cake boxes large enough for 75 servings of cake
Wait-- WHAT?! I am responsible for the choosing the bride's earrings-- on the day OF the wedding?! How can this possibly come at the end of that list?!

Well, I am happy to report, I successfully gathered all of the listed items on time (early in fact!) and to the satisfaction of the mother of the bride, and more importantly, the bride. Sweet. I got back to my dad's with some time to spare and spent an hour soaking in the bath tub.

We arrived at the church and my job was to hand programs to guests as they entered the church, and to encourage them to sign the guestbook. Well, this went off too well because there ended up being a line about 100 people long of guest book signers. Alas, the string quartet cued the start of the ceremony right on time. (Insert teary eyes here.) My cousin truly took my breath away. She looked her absolute best- the way any woman would want to look on her wedding day. Her dress was the dress of dreams (I think she told me it was inspired by Grace Kelly's wedding gown), and as she walked down the aisle, guests couldn't help but ooh and ahh. The ceremony was officiated by a childhood friend of Kelley's who is now a youth minister, and it was her first wedding! She did a fantastic job, and she made the ceremony extra special with her ability to relate to Kelley on a personal spiritual level. The bridesmaids all looked beautiful and prim, and the groomsmen looked dapper in their tuxes. Nick beamed with pride and love and smiled ear-to-ear for the entire ceremony (and into the night).

The reception followed the ceremony, and was hosted at the Brown Hotel. I can't think of any other way to describe it than "Movie Wedding". There were about 250 guests, a live band that played everything from Jazz to Journey (flown in from Nashville), an amazing ballroom with too many crystal chandeliers to count, ceilings 50 feet high with the most beautiful and intricate molding I've ever seen, delicious and endless wine, and happy faces and bursting hearts from wall to wall.

We danced into the night and the party continued for the 20-somethings at a bar downtown. We discussed Kelley and Nick even after they had departed in their horse-drawn carriage. The night was truly dedicated to their love.

Love, supportive family, and loyal friends are the most wonderful gifts we receive in this life! Thank you, Kelley and Nick, for the reminder.

Sisters- Biological and Sorority
Dan and Ema-Lou
The bride, finally letting loose! :)
The guests
The beautiful bride (She had a very long train and vail for the ceremony)
Dad and I
Regal ambiance
The FOOD (Oh, the foood)
I hope you know your manners with these place settings!
Cousin Ema and I
Boy cousins
Off they go in a horse-drawn carriage!


  1. this warmed my heart. Katy you are a MUCH better blogger than I ;)

  2. Katy, this is wonderful!!! Kelley (and all of us) will so appreciate your writing of these memories for years to come. love you! -Katrina