Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Playing Mommy

So sorry I didn't post yesterday! The past 2 days have been a tad hectic. Thank you to all my early, O.G. friends who are reading this new blog for keeping up! Yesterday I had my Kaplan class all day and afterward, I was YET again pathetically tired. I think it has something to do with my diet and sleep schedule, so from this point forward, I'm taking it easy on the cheese and land animals and shooting for my 8hrs.... oh, more water, too.

Today I had class again (done tomorrow!) and on my lunch break I had to run home, take some clothes out of the dryer, and pack a bag for overnight babysitting. Last summer I was a nanny full-time for the most awesome family with three kids 5, 10, and 13 (at the time--2 of them are a year older now!). They are so good to me- flexible and laid back. Anyway, the momma asked me to watch them overnight so she could attend an important function with her husband out of town, so here I am. Judson, the middle son, told me I was like a mommy... I was so flattered!!! He said, "You act like a mommy, you do mommy stuff, and now you have a real job like a mommy!" I thought that was so cute. He is such a sweetie. After I picked the kids up, they went outside to play for awhile, then I took Annabelle to gymnastics. While I was there, I watched the older girls (I'd say about 14-16 years old), and WOW- I would LOVE to be as in shape as those girls! Really amazing. Inspiring!
After gym, we all went out to dinner at Subway, which was a strange pick for our group... in all of the many, MANY times I have taken them out to eat-- never Subway. I felt so bad for the people behind us in line as 3 kids tried to choose what they wanted on their subs, their chips, etc. Oh well, I think everyone there thought I was their mom, and I look rather young for 3 kids their ages, and I don't have a ring on my finger, so maybe they felt bad for me. Whatever. With all of the kids I've nannied (6 total), I've really gotten a sense of not giving a ____ as long as the kids are being polite and not fighting or breaking things. Oh- and a tip for dealing with temper tantrums in public places: WALK AWAY. Works like a charm. They might keep crying, but they will stop the screaming and whatnot. Anyway- no temper tantrums tonight! Really, it only happened with the 5 year old over the summer (usually when she was tired or hot), and she has matured so much in Kindergarten! I digress. (<--Katie, that was for you.)
Anyway, by 9:3o, all the kids were in bed, off to Dreamland.
As I lay here, "Good Luck Charlie" is still playing on the Disney Channel, and surprisingly, I'm not itching to change the channel. I am also feeling tired, which is really never the case at 10:30 (In reference to my 5pm lull mentioned earlier, that is just a terrible time of day! I try not to nap, but my "second wind" usually kicks in around 7 and then I manage to stay up til Midnight or later.)
Tomorrow, I will be getting 3 elementary aged kids (1 in K and 2 in 5th) ready for school in the morning. That will be VERY mommy-ish. Hopefully Judson will approve of my performance! :)
Goodnight friends and mommies!

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