Sunday, May 22, 2011


So, after I posted on Friday I went to the pool and got nice and brown! :) I laid out with Brittany and Phil, and we talked and listened to music, and swam around a little. Before we'd gone out I hadn't really eaten much, so I was ready for an early dinner! Because I had no groceries (literally, almost nothing whatsoever... except a lot of condiments and salad dressings), we went to a wing place across the street from my complex called Hurricane Grill and Wings. It was delicious. The owner remembered that I liked his Greek salad last time, and brought it to me again. Really nice guy. Brittany's husband, Spencer, and our friend Pat met us over there too, and we started thinking about what we'd do that night.
We ended up going to a truck pull. I hadn't been to anything that country in years, and it was a blast. The way it worked, from what I could tell from the sidelines, was that the people who entered their trucks in the contest did a single-elimination tug-of-war between their truck and another truck. I think they were connected by a tow rope or something of that sort. It was loud and crazy, but something different. Brittany and eventually made our way inside and watched people line dance. She gave it a try, but I didn't because I've given it a try before and it can be downright embarrassing if you don't know the steps! After about 5 minutes, I think she'd figured that out for herself, and she was back to sitting next to me, watching.

Truck vs. Truck! (Can you guess which one won?)

Brittany and I at Truck Wars.

Yesterday (Saturday), I did almost literally NOTHING. I cleaned a little, but not much, and spent the day watching documentaries and a few movies. The end.

Today, I woke up and wanted to get some stuff done since yesterday was such a bust (albeit a great one)! So, I folded and hung a bunch of laundry and stitched some things that needed stitchin'. Soon enough, it was time to go to lunch for Phil's mom's birthday. We went to Olive Garden, so of course I got the soup, salad, and breadsticks (but really just the soup and salad). Is there anything better than their salad? It was a nice lunch with Phil, his mom, her mom (Ruth), and their close friend, Marianne. I love Marianne. She is a firecracker from New York and always has funny stories about putting people in their places. At lunch, Phil's mom gave me a graduation present-- a new charm for my new Pandora bracelet! It's an apple and it was on my Pandora wish list! I was so surprised and I am so thankful! It's so cute.

My new little apple on the right! The twirly guy in the middle of the K and the A is a snake, for nursing (The bracelet and the first 3 charms were a graduation gift from Brittany!).

When I got home, I finished folding and hanging (keeping in mind what I would bring on my roadtrip to Kentucky with my brother this week! More on that later.) and once everything was in its place, I was ready to paint! I have wanted something fun to replace the painting in our dining room, so I kind of just started with which colors I wanted to use and went from there. When it comes to painting, I never really have a crystal clear image of what I want, because even when I think I know what I want, it turns out differently because of where I end up creatively. It's a fun, therapeutic, and rewarding process!

24"x36" for our dining room. (On my painting tarp... I need an easel-- and mess-proof studio!)

Anyhow, Dan was out of town all weekend, but is home now and I am happy to have him back! I missed his jokes. Hope everyone has a happy evening tonight and a smooth Monday morning tomorrow! (Too soon?)


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