Monday, May 16, 2011

"Who are you?" Monday

So this morning I started my Kaplan review for the state boards, aka NCLEX. I took a diagnostic exam last night and according to my professor, my score correlates with a 94% chance of passing. Still don't see how that's true, considering every question we've gone over (almost), I have gotten wrong, but okay. I have plenty more time to prep! Anyway, I got there like 10 minutes before class and took one of the few available seats (overachievers arrived earlier than me!), which was in the back. Anyway, as I am trying to stay awake and focused (side note: one of our professors told us an adult has a 30 minute attention span... this class is 6 hours a day for four days straight), I started looking around the class to see who I knew (okay, so I wasn't that focused), and there was a girl sitting catty-corner to me who looks SO familiar! I knew she wasn't in my nursing classes, but I am sitting there thinking, "Where the hell to do I know this girl from?". I wonder if she is thinking the same about me.

Graciously, our instructor gave us an hour lunch break, so I headed where else: Starbucks. My awesome Aunt Cindy gave me a GC for my graduation (THANK YOU!!), so I figured I'd grab a bite and a Venti Iced Coffee (yum). Anyway, I sit down to write this little diddy here and the girl across the table from me goes, "KATY!?". I look at her, smile with a quizzical look on my face, and shamelessly say, "Yeah! Hey!!". She senses my... idiocy... and says, "Do you remember me?" I recognize her face, so I fib a little, "Yeah, of course!" She interjects, "From Spencer's party!"... Okay, I am caught up at this point, aside from the name. Of course I pull out the Exhaustion/Need For Coffee card like any good American and I think she buys it. Anyway, two episodes of "Where do I know her from?" back to back. Thank goodness for this:
My coffee with my name spelled incorrectly (can't blame 'em) with my little lunch box--Starbucks has some healthy options, finally! Yummy and just what I needed to keep me awake and ALERT for the last 3 hours of Kaplan! :)

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