Friday, May 20, 2011

Happy Heart

This was a really great week. A bunch of times I had a moment where I had an overwhelming sense of peace. You know that feeling where you just feel the physical sensation that comes from the inside that makes you feel so happy? Like, yesterday when I was making coffee after I had dropped the kids off at school, I got a whiff of the hazelnut flavored grounds (which my brother loves- for me, it's a last resort... we were out of Columbian) and I just felt so happy. I felt happy that he liked that flavor, as silly as that sounds. I was just happy.

It ain't that bad. :)

When I lay around a lot and wait all day for the night so I can go out with friends (as much as I love them), I get depressed! I like my days to be filled with tasks and activities and projects, etc. My Kaplan class this week was the perfect activity. Believe it or not, I really ended up enjoying it! I feel so much more confident for my boards. I have a lot more practicing to do, but I think I'm gonna take them on 7/7/11 (if that's available). Sounds like a lucky date, doesn't it?? Plus, it's almost exactly 2 months from my graduation date, and it's suggested you take the boards 8 weeks from the date of graduation... lucky + suggested = a good date.

On another note, I think all of the kids approved of my role as stand-in Mommy. I had no idea how to gauge the time I needed in the morning to get them ready and deliver them on time. I figured it would be best for me to get up and ready (somewhat) first, so I got up at 6:30 and was ready around 7. Then, knowing how waking up kids can be, I started waking them up at 7 (even though they really didn't need to be up til 7:30). I'm glad I did that. The boys were stubborn. Annabelle was up with a smile and cuddles and kisses. I had picked out an outfit for her, but of course she wanted to pick her own outfit. She got ready, then I had her come with with me to wake the boys up. Of course, I brought the dog in too... dog licks and sister hugs were the charm (even though the boys were squealing, and, well... yelling at all of us)! Anyway, I managed to get them ready, make a little breakfast, and finish up a tiny bit of homework and get them to school 10 minutes early! I was proud :).

Annabelle on the way home from gymnastics, with her Icee. (I made her fix her seatbelt after this picture was taken!)

Hello from the backseat! Thank you, Annabelle!

After that, I took my Kaplan NCLEX Readiness Exam and got a 95% chance of passing the State Boards! Yay! :) It was a really good day. I can see why parents feel so much fulfillment even though they are extremely exhausted at the end of the day.

Today, I have been cleaning the apartment (laundry, kitchen, dishes, vacuuming, etc), listening to country music (guilty pleasure and great to sing along with), and doing a little test review (not much). Brittany, my best friend here in Orlando, and I are going to the pool after I run some errands! It has been a great week.

The view outside my apartment this morning... ready to bronze!

Impatiently waiting for Britt! How weird is this??

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