Monday, May 16, 2011

Creepy Stores

Starbucks again! Very Monday! It was so pretty out and I loved the way the sun was hitting the straws... they looked neon!

When I got back from class I was SO pathetically tired. The past few weeks I haven't had to really do anything in the morning, so I've been staying up with my nocturnal brother, sleeping in til 9 and beyond. Today I had to get up at 7:30 for class, and I couldn't get to sleep til around 3am! Anyway, I was all about my iced coffee today, as I mentioned before! This evening Dan and I went to Startbucks to enjoy a coffee and the unseasonably cool weather. It is cool and breezy out! Usually here in Orlando, it's balmy and sticky (repetitive?) and hot out til dark. After that we took a bunch of coins he had gathered to [a brand new] Publix (brand new Publixes are the best) and guessed how much it would be. I guessed $14.73. Like a loser, he guessed $14.74. It ended up being $17.63... I got 3 of the numbers right! Haha. After that we went to Family Dollar because I like to go to semi-creepy stores like that (Big Lots, Bealls Outlet, Dollar General) and see what kinds of weird stuff they have. We left with toilet paper, a bottle of handsoap, a temporary tattoo from a quarter machine (think two tigers with huge claws growling around a yin-yang), and a "Pre-Viewed" movie... very creepy-store-esque purchases, I'd say. We laughed at a lot of the weird, chincy "home decor" and the questionable generic foods they had. We also noticed they had quite the array of "mini" things... mini lawn chairs, mini tiki torches, mini grills... I told Dan we should have "Mini Fest" in our itty bitty front yard. Imagine how creeped out our guests would be! I laughed really loud-- which reminds me, Creepy Stores are always SO quiet! It's so weird.

Gotta watch the Jersey Housewives and hit the hay! I want to work out before class tomorrow, so I certainly can't be up til 3-freakin'-am again! Night night, friends. :)

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