Sunday, May 15, 2011

Simple Sunday

I slept in this morning and woke up knowing I had plenty to do today. First of all, I almost always without fail clean on Sundays in order to prepare for the start of a new week. Even last weekend when I had truly nothing to do all week (commitment-wise), I cleaned countertops (I do this every single day), put away dishes, vacuumed, and washed towels and such on Sunday. I think that starting the week with a clean slate is important-- well, it is for me, anyway! If you clean once a week, it is really easy to maintain, plus you know what you already have (groceries, clothes, etc.) because there is less clutter. Living simply is becoming more and more important to me the more intangible things I have coming into my life-- career, bills, relationships, etc. All of those intangible things take up enough of my energy!

I convinced my brother, Dan, to have a "fest" tonight. We started doing these "fests" about a year ago I would say-- it started with Dip Fest. (I giggle as I remember it) Dan went to Publix and got like 5 different types of chip dip and a couple different types of chips and set them out and that was what we had for dinner. So unhealthy (I think I opted for a baked chip... at least I hope I did), but it was a bit of a novelty and it has made for a funny memory. We continued on, pretty much weekly, having these "fests"... Asian Fest, Mexican Fest, Italian Fest. I tried to start calling them "family dinners", but that didn't really stick. Whoever spearheads the fest buys the groceries and does the cooking, so I'm happy I convinced Dan! :) Free dinner! Tonight is Curry Fest! He makes this awesome curry that is like the curry at CoCo Curry in Japan. I will upload pictures later-- he is an awesome cook! My favorite thing to make is enchiladas... I have gotten really awesome reviews from dinner guests, but it is so unhealthy! Definitely a special occasion type of meal!

Oh- back to the cleaning thing. I have one small piece of advice for everyone: Make your bed every day! You will thank me. It makes such a huge difference! It makes your room look nice, it is really cozy to curl up in later in the day, and you won't go shuffling through your sheets in a huff making a big mess looking for your keys or cell phone when you are trying to run out the door! I think one thing I will look for in a future boyfriend is a fellow bed-maker. :) Just kidding... kind of.

Here are a few "views" I really enjoy around my place... we don't live in the lap of luxury (despite our complex having the subtitle "Luxury Apartment Homes"--what a joke), but with a little TLC, any place can be warm and sweet and homey.

Our awesome turntable and LP collection (and my first diploma).

The view out our kitchen window. Makes doing dishes less of a chore. Nothing special, just nice.

Our sweet little dining room. I changed the fabric on the seats, and I love it so much. Flowers on the table are from Dan, for my graduation.

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