Wednesday, July 6, 2011

the big little move.

Hi readers! This past week has been a crazy one. We moved into our new place (yay!) on Saturday, which meant that Thursday and Friday of last week were spent packing. Saturday morning I had to sort out a whole bunch of BS at the bank (of course things had to be especially difficult just to add a little flavor), but after that nonsense Dan and I picked up our U-Haul trailer! By 11:00am we were loading up.
Events like these tend to bring out some of Dan and I's major personality differences. I like to get everything done all at once, even if it means zero sleep and some complaining, and he likes to take his time and get plenty of sleep and take things as they come. I'm sure both ways of going about things have their pros, so I can't say either of us is wrong, but it can be interesting working together. That being said, we worked really well as a team and I only yelled at him once (and it was because he left the back door of the U-Haul open and we were about to leave the apartment complex... I could see our stuff bouncing around as he went over speed bumps and I guess the trailer was so loud that he couldn't hear me honking or screaming. Anyway, I think it was a warranted yell.).
We got all of my stuff and the living room stuff in the first two loads. It was nearly 100 degrees out and humid as hell (I'd imagine literally), but I was able to keep a positive attitude by thinking about what a good workout I was getting. Dan had to be at work by 6, so we wrapped it up and I stayed at the new place organizing while he went to work. We had no cable or internet, so I literally did everything in silence (I could have played a CD, but just didn't) and I found it extremely meditative. After it had been silent for about 5 hours, I thought to myself: Wow, I wonder when the last time was that I sat in complete silence- or did anything in silence- for five whole hours straight. I got a whole lot done and was ready for bed around 11, when Dan arrived home from work. He still had plenty of energy (and I suppose perhaps my "let's get everything done" attitude had rubbed off a little) and convinced me to do one more run with him. He had hauled all of my stuff in the heat, so I felt the least I could do was haul his stuff in the cool(er) night, even though I was delirious. (Did I mention I got 1.5 hours of sleep Friday night??)
By the wee hours of Sunday morning, all but our dining set were at our new place. When we got home, I was so excited to take a hot bath in my huge bathtub... to find that we had no hot water. :( I passed out dirty and stinky, but slept like a baby.
As of today, the whole place (less the dining set) is set up and functioning. Dan went to visit some friends from Japan in South Florida this week, so I've been holding down the fort. His room is still in shambles, but I doubt he would want me taking care of that for him (not to mention I need to study as much as I can). I have walked to the grocery store two times in the past two days, and I walked to get sushi last night. I love being able to walk! Our new place is right next door to practically everything I could ever need. I hope the walking isn't just nice because it's a novelty for now. I want to keep up with it! I just think about when my parents used to live in Japan and how far we would walk for things- not thinking anything of it because of the culture there. I feel happy when I'm walking to get my groceries with my reusable grocery bags--like a girl of the not-too-distant future. It's meditative as well. I try not to use my cell phone so that I am really in the here and now, observing what's around me even though I've seen most of it all a thousand times. It's interesting.
I'm hoping Dan comes home tomorrow because I miss him when he's gone! Also, I need his help cleaning up the old place :). But mostly, I miss him. I am not sure I could ever live alone unless I was doing it in order to find inner peace in an Ashram or Buddhist Monastery-- it would have to be some kind of personal challenge. I don't hate being alone, but I don't know how it would be to live alone... Anyway, I digress.
Time for bed. Night-night. :)

My big tub (might just go get in now!)
A little peek of my room

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