Sunday, July 31, 2011


I sit here with chapped, sunburned lips and shoulders in complete contentment. The music of Sufjan Stevens is melodically flowing through my computer speakers as I type this message. I can hear the central air soothingly rumbling, and I can see the palm and magnolia trees just past the porch moving with the Sunday afternoon breeze.
...And as I just finished that last sentence, the mellow music of Sufjan was interrupted by an ad for Van Halen that screamed a harsh guitar riff. Such is life!

Late Sunday morning blogging


Yesterday was filled with friends. I began my day relatively early, enjoying the same type of morning I just described (less the Van Halen interruption). Two of my closest friends here in Orlando stopped by because they were in the neighborhood picking up a moving truck. That's right, that means they are leaving me. We chatted and talked about going on a cruise in the off-season. It's always good to make future plans with people who are moving away! When they left, I went to the pool and got a great spot between the lake and the deep end. I made sure to acknowledge the fact that I was in a sort of suburban paradise. I got a text from two of my girlfriends asking me to meet them at their pool, to which I responded with a picture of my scenery, to which they responded, "We're on our way!". Four hours later, I was a redder shade of white girl.
Saturday sun affair.

"The Sun is my god," a fellow pool-goer told me yesterday.

Me, Sofia, and Andrea

A redder shade of white girl.

After the pool, I got ready for my dinner date with Aimee. Between the two of us, making the decision of where to eat is next to impossible. I made Aimee decide since she knows the downtown area better than I do. She always knows the best little-known places. Last night, she didn't disappoint. She suggested an authentic Cuban place on Orange Ave. with "really good sangria". She had me at "really good", but when the word sangria was uttered, I became a bit more excited. She was right. Best sangria I've ever had. This is the restaurant and I highly recommend it. One of the diners was singing loudly to the live piano music- a Cuban song, I assume. She was pretty good. When I say authentic, I mean it. From the food to the sangria to the service to the ambiance... to the singing diner. I can't guarantee a singing diner during your experience, but I'm sure you'll enjoy it nonetheless.

I don't know what today will bring, and as one o'clock quickly approaches, I suppose I should make a decision. Or not. Maybe I'll just listen to the air conditioner and the ticking of the kitchen clock. Maybe I will enjoy my lack of obligation today. I think that sounds nice.

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