Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Here I am, distracted. The countdown is SO on for my state boards, and I am feeling more confident than ever, but man... this adult ADD that I have self diagnosed is really getting the best of me. Also, I have been having a major case of Afternoon Slump, and I scheduled my test for 1pm, like an idiot, so I'm not sure how that is going to work out. I am making excuses already, isn't this nice? I have studied the crap out of the meds, conditions I have seen time after time in practice, and which diagnostic procedures require special attention to allergies, such as, "Do you have any allergies to shellfish or iodine that you know of?" I really wonder if I could have skipped all of nursing school, less the clinicals, taken Kaplan, and gone after this exam like a champ. Who knows. No turning back now! I am on SFMDA (Sugar Free Mountain Dew Amp!) #2 today, and just wanted to drop in and waste some more time....

Going... going... gone.

And a song to wiggle to...

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