Friday, June 24, 2011


A word from the wise: Do NOT drink a 24oz energy drink 2 hours before a physical. Yesterday, one of my friends told me how she loves Rockstar Recovery, and I knew that today I was going to need some good fluids, with caffeine preferably, to act as a diuretic so that I could pee in a cup on command. Well, I took her advice and drank it, then had some time in the waiting room and drank a SmartWater (my favorite). BAD IDEA. Now the doctor thinks I'm hypertensive. Actually, I think I had a little of what we call "FVO" or fluid volume overload- causing me to have especially high blood pressure. Add 56oz of fluid consumed within 2 hours to a huge dose of caffeine (a vasoconstrictor) and top that with "doctor's office anxiety", and you will appear to have hypertension and anxiety.
The face I wanted to make during my entire physical... plus I was "holding it".

I hate going to the doctor's office (hospital is another story, I guess...) and I didn't want to get stage fright when it came time to aim into the cup, so I WAY overdid it. Up until the point where it was time to take my BP (which was later in the exam because the cuff in the room was too big), I was getting lots of great, enthusiastic "Okay, great!"s from the ole doc. I have a follow-up on Monday, and she requested I avoid the energy drinks. Now I am anxious that they are going to think I have some sort of circulatory problem. Here I go being Nervous Nelly again... uggh... At least I have this awesome weather to relax with! Love it...

This rain sounds especially beautiful... there I am- in the RED!

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