Thursday, June 16, 2011

movin' on up to the eastside!

Today Dan and I got to go look at our brand spankin' new (to us) apartment! I am so excited to move. The place we live now has been great. I've been here for three years and haven't had many complaints, but for what I pay here, I can get more bang for my buck!

I am excited about the following features at New Place:
  • A screened in porch
  • My own garden bathtub (right now only Dan has one, and we don't share bathrooms)
  • Valet trash service (rather than shlep it to the dumpster ya damn self)
  • A Gate (I'm no snob, but we have gotten some doozies on our doorstep here)
  • Living RIGHT next to the pool
  • No visitor parking (my friends can park anywhere they damn well please and there is no risk of being towed from my OWN apartment like I was here once [p.s. that was the worst day ever... if you're ever interested, ask me in person])
  • Living walking distance to a Starbucks AND a Target! (eeek!)
  • So many other things...
Sparkling waters...

The gym

There's also a better community gym and pool at the new place, which are a big bonus. There seem to be a lot of "amenities", but I've found that once you live somewhere, you don't really use half of them.

When we were in the office with the leasing agent (who is an angel and dealt with my millions of questions and one-liner emails), the maintenance man, a guy named Miguel (maybe I'll call him 3M) came in and asked her which unit we were moving into. When she told him, he got this big smile and informed us that one of his buddies was painting and re-carpeting the place that very moment! He even took us to the window to show us that the golf cart was right outside. Such nice people at a nice property... I don't think I'll be disappointed! I'm too excited. :) New places are like new cars... which I hope to be purchasing in the next 3 months or so, too! Shoot... my 2 favorite NEW things... I am a lucky gal!

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