Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Grey day.

It was grey all day today. It hasn't rained, but I've been looking outside on the hour to see if the clouds have given up yet. That's Florida in the summer for ya. I had a great tan in May, but come June, the tan has faded and the clouds have taken over the sky.
I made a reservation for our U-Haul today, which I am too excited about. I am so happy to think of us moving in say, three trips, rather than 10 or so in this July heat. I am scheduled to pick the trailer up at 8am, but I might be there at 7:45 so we can get to haulin' before the summer sun is in full force. As of today we have done nothing in preparation. Really. We don't even have boxes. Have I lost my mind? Oh- yes, I have... to NCLEX prep. Top priorities are hard to determine right now.... but NCLEX prep has been taking the top spot in most situations.
Hopefully we will be moved in by Sunday! I know that is ambitious, but I'm impatient.
Not much to report today, but I do think I just heard the first rain drop! Poor clouds must have gotten exhausted holding in all that rain...

Stormy day.
Studying and waiting for the rain...

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