Thursday, June 23, 2011

me on blast.

It is HOT here in Florida. And it is almost JULY. And I can't believe that. Usually the summer seems to drag on, but this year, it seems to be scurrying by... which doesn't anger me, but does concern me. I have found myself concerned with all sorts of intangible things lately.... which I guess can be termed "anxiety". Almost every day when I wake up, I feel a little sense of dread. What is that all about? My friends say I am too hard on myself, and that I need to stop to smell the roses rather than beat myself up about things that are outside of my control. Wait- does that mean I am controlling? I think that has to be one of the most despised adjectives used to describe a woman... next to "psycho". I'd like to think I am neither one. At this point, please keep it to yourself if you think I am one of the two, or God forbid: both. A controlling psycho. See what I did here? I somehow went from "it's hot outside" to "people think I am a controlling psycho". This is what I'm working with, people! I have to say, this is why I blog: I am now laughing, and I hope some of you got a giggle out of that as well. Putting your thoughts down... even in a stream of consciousness... can be very therapeutic! Sometimes I will come here and think, "Wow, I have nothing whatsoever to report," and next thing I know three pictures are up and the last four days of my life have been made public, in detail.
Anyway, tomorrow is my big "sign on the dotted line" day, and I am excited. I will get to meet some of my future co-workers, and take a few more steps to beginning my career. It's great to have a career in the works. Aaaaand, now I'm getting positive... blog therapy: success. I guess I'm an exhibitionist with my feelings... wouldn't be complete with my beloved voyeurs. (I read people's blogs, too... it's one of my favorite little hobbies.)

Here is what I look like today. What do you look like today?


  1. Katy, I think that you are neither controlling or psycho....execpt it was a little psycho to tell those strangers at Applebees where you lived..mostly dangerous rather than pyscho but remember that night?! I'll chalk that one up to college life. but man that life was great! Doesnt the continuing chapters of our lives seem like completely different lives in themselves? We are goal driven women on a mission...hey soul sista! I can't wait to see how great our lives turn out. Maybe we should go on vacation together when we are in our 50s and write an anthology of awesomeness. I'm thinking a remote island in the caribbean with lots of cocktails and cabana boys??

  2. hahaha... thanks, ash! exactly where i live is a total secret now! holy smokes. at this rate, you are going to be able to contribute a whole lot more to the awesomeness anthology than i am, but i am gonna try to catch up. i need to do BIG things like you! can't wait to see what happens over the next 25 years! :)